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Moldavite & Diamond Pendant

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This fine specimen of Moldavite is set in Sterling Silver .925 along with a small diamond. The setting of the pendant captures the raw shape 'hedgehog' of this very rare stone. Formed from the heat impact of a meteorite striking the earth. This extraterrestrial stone can only be found in certain parts of the Czech Republic and bordering countries. We source all of our Moldavite pieces directly from the Czech Republic.

Approximate size of stone: 5cm long, 2.5cm wide

Only 1 available!

Properties of Moldavite:

  • used for good fortune and fertility 
  • enhances the effect of other crystals 
  • very powerful with an extremely high vibration 
  • holding Moldavite can trigger a huge rush of energy
  • extremely beneficial to all levels of spiritual consciousness

Source: The Crystal Bible